Discover Stunning UAE Architecture and Luxury Villa Projects

Luminara Villa

Project Location: UAE , Dubai

Introducing "Luminara Villa" an exquisite modern residential project in a prime location. This stunning villa embraces contemporary design, with its hallmark being the seamless infusion of natural light through expansive windows and skylights. Luminara Villa features a captivating carton wall, showcasing artistic flair, while utilizing high-quality materials for a luxurious touch. Its double-height ceilings create a sense of grandeur, and a commitment to sustainability ensures a harmonious coexistence with the environment. With functional layouts and an abundance of open spaces, Luminara Villa embodies the epitome of modern elegance and comfortable living.

Le Chalet

Project Location: Ras Al Khaimah

The simplicity of modern villa design with lots of glass is all about clean lines and uncomplicated architecture that promotes both elegance and functionality. This house has all of the features of a sleek modern luxury residence in its interiors, and its facade reflects that with its unique patterns and a landscape to match

Terravita Villa

Project Location: UAE , DUBAI

Presenting "Terravita Villa" an exceptional minimalist modern villa located in a serene environment. Terravita Villa is characterized by its earthy color palette and the use of luxurious travertine throughout the property, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The landscape design is nothing short of breathtaking, featuring innovative and striking elements that enhance the villa's appeal. This villa harmoniously blends minimalism with natural beauty, offering a tranquil and sophisticated living experience that complements its stunning surroundings.

Project AK

Project Location: Khorfakkan

Our team’s job on this project was re-designing the exterior of the villa, as the project was already constructed, we made sure to follow the simple modern architecture style during the design process, which gives priority to simplicity of form, clean structure with a touch of luxury by moving away from symmetry and simple formation of elements and the integration between concrete, stone and wood.

In addition to the shaded sunken seating area overlooking the unique water feature.

Villa Casa

Project Location: Al Rahmaniyah, Sharjah

The project is a one-of-a-kind blend of luxury, space, and modernism, offering the ultimate 'Mediterranean lifestyle experience' in the heart of a stunning desert landscape. Modern two floored villa designed using a neutral color palette with contemporary elements.

Residence Al Shamsi

Project Location: Sharjah, UAE

The interiors for this modern villa are a perfect example of luxury meets modern. Located within Sharjah, it is the picture of class and elegance. The interiors are sleek and stylish with touches of grandeur. Decked with large airy windows and a wide open floor plan, that makes the space feel warm and welcoming.

Modern Emirati

Project Location: Al Khawaneej 2, Dubai

A modern twist to vernacular Emirati Architecture. It is the perfect blend of old meets new. Clad in concrete and with a sleekly designed screen on the façade, that is an ode to Mashrabiya screens of the past. The interiors compliment the exteriors perfectly, with a Wabi-Sabi approach to the design. It is a modern yet cozy house with a natural and earthy color palette.

Dark Mediterranean

Project Location: UAE

A modern project with a muted color palette with pops of color around the house. Following a set color scheme through the house, it is a picture of warmth and comfort. A mixture of textures that blend seamlessly, the house exudes elegance. Clad in textured concrete walls offset with soft materials that create a balance, the design style incorporates current design trends with touches of Mediterranean style design, making it feel timeless.

J Escape Villa

Project Location: Jumeirah, Dubai

The graceful architecture, strong lines and imaginative lighting of this modern house using a nice blend of stone and concrete in neutral tones complement each other, which are matched by the elegant landscape. Luxurious but still modern interior design with ergonomic space utilization and optimal utility on the interior and enticing beauty on the outside


Project Location: Jumeirah islands

This project is located in the community of Jumeriah islands. Its exterior is renovated in a minimalistic way using white color with sloped roofs. The use of large windows that overlook the cinematic landscape around the buildings and the community nearby, emulates the feeling of ‘inside out’. An open landscape with an infinite swimming pool and casual relaxing outdoor spaces add more beauty to this home. Outdoor spaces comprise seating areas viewing the neighborhood

The Dusk

Project Location: UAE

Another stunning villa for a family that loves contemporary design and outdoor living. The challenge of this project was to convey a warm atmosphere to the house while creating an alternative and surprising aesthetic

The main design concept of the space tried to totally integrate the internal and external areas, emphasizing the visual permeability through the spaces, along with the unique entrance space that appears on the main façade which undoubtedly characterized this luxury villa & marked the point of passage from the outside world.

This villa, through its surfaces with sharp contemporary stands out from the surrounding buildings.

Silverwood Villa

Project Location: Riyadh city, Abu Dhabi

A modern villa, which represent the earthy, warm tones of the Middle Eastern desert sands. Natural wood and stone are combined with beige and earthy tones to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that still exudes luxury.

The natural stone and wood clad exteriors are brought into the interiors with the use of travertine and concrete textures, the interiors manage to reflect these natural textures. Despite this, the house is a picture of elegance and luxury. The house follows a grey and beige color palette with pops of warm accent colors

Harmony House

Project Location: Al Furjan, Dubai

The house concept is designed to be a simple sculptural volumetric white block with the main skylight dividing the house into 2 unique masses. It comes with a highly contemporary appearance characterized by the harmony between the solid white parts, sleek glass and the metal sheets along with a touch of stone. The design concept successfully manages to provide ample sunlight to all the rooms of the house while still attaining privacy for the occupants.

Life House

Project Location: Ras Al Khaimah

The villa is a cutting-edge modern designed residence that was created with the client's busy and social lifestyle in mind. The spacious, inviting living areas exude elegance, grace, and comfort, making them ideal for entertaining visitors and family. The architecture of the villa is composed in such a way that it respects the privacy of the customer. The family will enjoy spending time in the yard or by the pool thanks to the well-designed outside spaces and excellent landscaping.

Project Gallaria

Project Location: Barsha South, Dubai, UAE

This project involved the redesign of the exteriors and interiors of a previously existing villa. The exterior façade was designed to give the villa a face lift with minimal structural changes. The linear modern villa design is clad in sharp-edged concrete textures with wooden accents. The interiors were also designed to seamlessly blend with the exterior design. Ornate with warm tones and soft textures that make the space feel cozy and comforting.


project Location: Jumeirah, Dubai

Villa8 is a two story building which is designed as a family's house. Simple but attractive spaces, pool and landscape views from all around the villa, conformity with site, Flexibility and simplicity are the main design policies of the project.

The owner’s most wanted concept was to have a wide view over the pool, To achieve this, an opening has been added to the villa’s cubic form and the front side is almost fully covered with glass. side walls hosts minimum possible number of windows in order to create maximum privacy for the residents. Increasing the inner privacy, poplar trees are planted to block the view from outside to inside.

The Orchard

Project Location: Al Rahmaniyah, Sharjah

The outside of this mansion is designed in an innovative modern style with unique patterns, giving it a bold and attractive appearance. This home's indoor and outdoor spaces are perfectly interwoven to provide a personal refuge for the owners, with a pool surrounded by lush landscaping. Large windows give in a lot of light and allow the outdoors to blend in with the interior architecture

Villa AXIS

Project Location: UAE

The Architecture of this residential villa is characterized by simplicity and clean modern lines. The design is timeless and sleek. It includes wooden louvers contrasted against a clean white structure. The design follows the concept of ‘less is more’ with grace and elegance. Although the villa focuses on simplicity, it maintains its grandeur and magnificence. With large glass windows that ensure the house is brightly lit and a full view courtyard that is a focal point of the design.